Wednesday, July 23, 2014

You're coming home on monday, smelling Tangerine

I came across First Aid Kit somewhere around 2012 and I fell in love with the 2 lovely deep voices. I loved the mood and themes of the songs. One of my favorite Wolf .

I can't say I really followed them, but I was naturally interested in their new stuff. Accidentally I came across their new album today and I don't know. It is good I guess, but there's something missing. The folk mood is kinda gone. They went more into the "pop way". And another song i really like, maybe because it automatically makes me think of Tangerine by Led Zeppelin.

Well I mean I can't blame them but it's a shame. I know some people say that the fact that they produce something different is good, cause nobody wants the same thing again. But how come that some of the greatest bands and musicians keep their characteristic mood through all the long years of their career. Well yeah anyway I don't know what the point of this monologue really is. I just wanted to say that their previous album was better. Here's the single from their latest album Silver lining

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Last project for my university classes. Done with my friend.
House for a costume designer inspired by Frank L. Wright's architecture.

front / north elevation
back/ south elevation
west/south view
east/north view

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Wow the first year is over. I've passed all the exams and stuff, still i have to finish the report from visiting the building site, more like i have to start writing it.;d Well anyway some time ago, like in april or something, i bought a longboard and i'm learing how to "use it".;d I have many plans for the summer and i'm hoping to realize more than half of them.
A week ago back in Gdansk after my last exam together with my friend we went on a long night walk on the beach. i guess i can say so far it's been the best night i've spent somewhere.
I've finished today watching True Detective. Absolutely amazing show. I was really into Fargo and some time ago my friend recommended it to me telling me that i would love it when i've enjoed Fargo. But TD is so much better than Fargo. It's kinda heavy and dark. In some other way than Fargo is. There's so much blood and violence and i got a feeling that it's there only for it's sake and in TD i really liked this kinda philosophical part, i dont know.;d

Oh well anyway i'm still in a mood for Yes after their concert in Warsaw. I believe it was the best concert i've been to so far and Roundabout was the best freaking thing i've ever heard. What's amazing is the fact that they've managed to find a guy who has soooo similiar voice to Jon Andersons, incredinble!