Wednesday, April 30, 2014

how could we know that our lives would be so full of beautifully broken things

trying to start my halfsemester work for history of urbanism...
i just can't stop listetning to this.

War is the most vulgar madness
And winters can be so cruel
You can't always change the way things are like that
Can't change the way I think of you but
Well oh my love
My heart is set on you

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

so wow again long time no's just that the time flies so quickly it's only been the middle of the february when i was skating with my friend in warsaw and we were watching disney movies till early morning, it's been only the beginning of december when i thought there's still hope, it's been only the middle of november when i one of my dreams came true for a day, it's been only the beginning of august when the parisian sun was warming my face and the cold mountain wind kissing my hair.
over a month since you've left me, and wow over 2 weeks since i've talked to you and you smiled at me.
it all seems so close yet so distant. some days even the morning seems so far away like months ago and the work which needs to be done is still not even close to be finished.
but if you've asked me, i guess i'm well. i mean it. i guess.
i stared doing some yoga, my back aches like hell, well maybe because i spent like the whole weekend on the floor doing my project;/
well i don't even know what is the conclusion of all this. i guess i just wanted to say that all these things just doesn't really matter, i mean they do, but you don't need them to feel happy, or something, to enjoy life, which you definitely should do instead of sitting in your misery and crying, you've got so many things to be thankful for and to enjoy and be happy about. the sun, the tiny green leaves, the small trees with pinkish flowers, the sun, CHOCOLATE! the chilly wind, the sand between your fingers, cold sea, hot tea, morning bananas, awesome friends, those stupid people who make you laugh with their stupidity, the list is endless. i must say i love my gloomy side. it's a part of me which i guess i can't even get rid of because i would just stop being me, but apart from it i'm like really upbeat and get hyped over a plan of a hiking trip (which is going to happen not sooner than next year), or a stupid idea which i drop the very next minute. i find new hobbies, new interests which bore me after few days or weeks....of course i get like melancholic and sad and stuff and all these black and gloomy stuff, but except that i've still got this little golden strays of sunshine or these millions of stars shining somewhere inside of me, that help me smile when i see all those little things
does it even make sense, all this shit i've just said?xd

oh wow in the beginning i just wanted to say that i've got a lot of work and share with you this song.( actually it took me a while to decide which one.xd)
stay warm and enjoy (:

Friday, April 18, 2014

Why won't you ever know that I'm in love with you

long time no see. i'm kinda searching for something i don't really know what.O-o