Saturday, March 23, 2013

Could these walls come crumbling down?

I want to share with you the beauty of islamic architecture. i must say the incredible details and colours just make me wanna go on a big trip round middle east countries. i'd love to go there anyway,(and wanted for a long time) but considering the political situation it's not the best idea you can have.
anyway enjoy this little collection of photos, none of them are mine, all found on google.(if any of these belongs to you, please tell me and i'll add source or remove the content.)

Imam Mosque Isfahan, Iran
Imam Mosque Isfahan, Iran
Imam Mosque Isfahan, Iran
Hassan II Mosque  Casablanca, Morocco
Shah-i-Zinda Samarkand, Uzbekistan
Al-Azhar Mosque Cairo, Egypt.

Pearl Mosque Delhi, India
Minarets in Qom, Iran
Nasir al-Mulk Mosque (aka the Pink Mosque) Shiraz, Iran

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