Saturday, March 2, 2013

Did you ever feel the knife tearing flesh that's oh so soft

some works form late January and February.well yeah, they are kinda lame._. but oh well. maybe some day i'll get better. can you guess who's on the drawings?;D
 anyway,  i must say that even though photos come out dark, they are better than scanned pictures, well better than from the one i use, which eats all the shadows and stuff.:<
all works belong to me. you're not allowed to use them, repost anywhere or claim as yours.
my dear friend got the orginal.i'm glad she liked it enough to ask me to give it to her.;d

You're blinded by rainbows
And watching the wind blow
Blinded by rainbows
Do you dream at night
Do you scream at night
Do you smell of fear

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