Monday, January 14, 2013

Sinnerman, where you gonna run to?

i've just finished reading the second book of a polish trilogy by Vincent V Severski. it's absolutely brilliant! it's about polish service but also swedish, russian and english. all the events, which at first may seem to be very distant and not related finally entwine into one intricate plot. it's gripping! and you just can't stop reading it. because the action takes place in many different places at the same time, chapters are sometimes cut in the most exciting moments so you just want to skip the next chapters to satisfy your curiosity. most of the time i was like omg omg! i can't believe what's happening! or omg omg! what an idiot! how could he be such and asshole! lol. it's really one of the best books i've read recently. but going back to the plot. because actually you can't read, as for now only if you know polish.;d but that's not my problem;D  so the first book Nielegalni (eng. illegal in direct translation) the polish secret service tries to get a russian archive from the WWII, which is now on the territory of a museum in belarus of course the russians wants to get it first, and the belarussian also.;D so it's pretty fun out there. but at the same moment we have with an old russian secret agent in sweeden. and there's mentioned at the very beginning a pole who's working with al-kaida, who is really important in the second book, where the atmosphere is really hot! you must read it if you only have chance to do it!  
and maybe a song...sooo.... i guess it's pretty long but awesome;D Nina Simone Sinnerman

wow it's been a long time since i've written so much in one post! lol xD

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