Friday, January 25, 2013

And weren't those tears that filled your eyes?

nananan making hobbit fanarts;d it's getting pretty messy here, lol as always, but right now i have no space to put my stuff, there're books and everything and stuff lying all around.xd but it's fun.xd the cheap watercolors are  best:D i have ones from van gogh but the cheaper ones are better, cause the other ones are in a tiny boxes, as the other ones it's jus easier to use them and mix tem and stuff.xD ummm..i finally took photos of the other works i've done during the break. but i think i'm gonna scan them and post then.;d

anyway as i am drawing almost all days and i don't see much improvement, yeah i know it's a short time, but yeah, so it doesn't really make sense. yeah, well whatever. it doesn't make any sense either.

despite this kinda crazy post, let's listen to this awesome, but pretty i guess melancholic song. but led zeppelin is always good:D

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