Monday, November 26, 2012

I’ve been dying to get out

nanana. acting like a total dumbass is sometimes fun.xD
anyway i got my results from math exams. could be better. but as for now, and considering how my math classes look like, they are quite satisfying. Although i haven't got my english exams results yet, i'm already ashamed of myslef._.

okay. enough now about some other stuff. Yesterday i've seen Paris, je t'aime. 2-hour movie made of many shorter separate stories. all of them take place in Paris, and of course the thing that connects them is love, understood in many ways. my fave one was the one with the blind guy and girl from Boston (played by Natalie Portman) Some of the stories are sad, some weird, some ridiculous. i guess you might find at least one that you will enjoy.;>

story: 4.5/7
actors: 6/7
music: 5/7
all in all: 5/7

and some music. maybe we'll stay in the old days. enjoy Relient K. once again. Be my escape

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