Sunday, October 28, 2012

why won't you just be strong

why do people say "there's always hope", oh God, how i hate this word "hope". Ain't it the most awful of all the words? Okay, i don't mean when it's said " i hope it won't rain"etc. but "you shouldn't lose hope, he can change his decision"etc. Isn't like lying to yourself. Having a slightest hope that something will happen, even if you know that it'd never happen, but maybe. at least in my case it's killing me, when somebody says "how can you know, there's always hope" isn't it the most stupid thing to say to somebody. instead of helping them get through something painful/sad you're trying to deny the reality. it's like fearing to face the truth. gosh. well okay, i HOPE i'll get through this situation without hoping that it will change for sth better.

you make me feel, I just can't carry on
but I know I won't always be that way
'cos my heart will rise up with the morning sun
and the hurt I feel will simply melt away

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