Monday, October 15, 2012

Why don't you listen to me, babe why don't you please come home

Okay, so i suppose you all know that few years ago there was let's say "fashion" for all these emo kids and stuff like cutting your veins and talking about it over and over again. This is totally stupid, i mean, you won't even kill yourself when you cut your wrists. Maybe it's about pain, or something. I dunno, never tired. But today when i was so lucky to catch an earlier late bus, i had again a wonderful opportunity to travel with the same girls i did last week(they were staring at me all the way._.) they're like 11 or 12 years old and whatever you'd like to say they are still kids. But today i heard one asking the other did you cut yourself because of this guy? asked in a way in which you'd ask about last week's weather or yesterday's dinner. kinda funny. Maybe just because i find it really funny when 12-14 years old girls say about their boyfriends that they are love of their lives and they will never love anyone so much. but even more amusing are blogs run by those girls about love, and love problems, and pregnancy and tolerance, and stuff like that and well they are even giving you advices! how brilliant is that! I've always wanted my problems to be solved by 14 years old girl. I bet she knows better how hard it is to decide to have an abortion because she had it! Well maybe i'm wrong and the world is not the way i think it is, but i can not be worse than i think it is.

but let's not think about it for a minute or even a few and listen to some pretty nice music and exactly to Plant's gorgeous voice.C; Gods of music.

Led Zeppelin How Many More Times /it's always a nice way to end the day.;>

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