Friday, October 26, 2012

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Because it's dark and cold and really unpleasant outside, it's a perfect moment to get back to the lovely memories of summer. yes this means i'm finally posting photos from my holidays.yay!
So as you know i spent some of my summer break in Barcelona. It'a an amazing city! We had great weather, in fact we were very lucky, as it wasn't too hot. I've no idea how much it was outside but in the apartment we had around 30'C for the whole 2 weeks! It was really hard to spent the noon hours in there, so the best solution was just to go outside.;> So what i was doing there? Basicly i was just going there and there and everywhere! I've visited quite a few museums, some of them are really, really worth visiting and some of them maybe not. I've seen the masterpieces of Gaudi's architecture(but about that next time) and well i had so much fun! I live in a quite small city compared to Barcelona so i was pretty much surprised when i saw so many people outside at 3 am! so the night life is pretty lively. I've been to a really interesting festival "AFROCAÑA Festival Del Muno Afro". You could try there food from different countries of the South and Middle America. And of course there were awesome bands playing! There was another festival on the streets of the district we lived in.(right next to the Av Paral-lel.) The scenes were in different places so you could just walk around and listen to different music.;d

Barcelona at night. enjoy.:>

building on La Rambla
Plaça de Catalunya
Fountain in front of the Catalonian National Art Museum

Fountain in front of the Catalonian National Art Museum

and few photos from the AFROCAÑA festival.;>

this guy reminds me of my class mate.
an awesome band, whose name i do not know.:<
Terapia de Groove
this guy in black hat was awesome.xD
i hope you can see something in here. some people were playing drums, they were fantastic!

look forward to more posts.;> it might take me a while to post them but well...yeah.;D

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