Wednesday, October 17, 2012

living reflection from a dream

Lately i'm fascinated by both Allan Edgard Poe and Harry Clarke. The first because of his amazing stories. I just love the way he writes. How he describes feelings. And the atmosphere in his stories, something dark, mysterious and kinda creepy. Along with his works comes Clarke, whose illustrations can be found in some editions of Poe's books, I'm lucky to have one. They are simply perfect. The black & white pictures suit perfectly to the atmosphere and everything. When i bought Poe's collection of stories my mum told me that i wouldn't like it, but i totally love it. Let's have a look at few works by Clarke.

of course i've updated my other blog and wrote about Clarke, you can go and see it.;> 

and song of the day: Led Zeppelin Tangerine

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