Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Just check me out all I got is a 25 ahaha

a day without school is always a good day.

it's not true that when it rains kids are bored. maybe because i'm not a kid /well theoretically/ but i can still sing  "i'm just a kid and life is a nightmare"

 old song but still cool. i used to listen to Simple Plan a lot back then, but i still remember the lyrics.;d together with my friend during holidays we used to sit by the lake and sing it along with few other songs also by Good Charlotte. good old times, but the new ones are i guess better.  well even though i'm 18 i don't feel like i'm so old and even my family tells me all the time that i should start acting like one. well my brother means that i should party all day and all night and get drunk every possible time._. but well okay. this post is going nowhere._. so i guess i'm gonna end it here. without any conclusion or whatever.

and the song of the day: ZZ Top I Gotsta Get Paid  (a really great song.:>)

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