Sunday, October 7, 2012

in the evening

I've just started to read The Ice Man by Philip Carlo. I found in at the university library and decided to read it because of the creepy cover and sticker "New York Times Bestseller". But after reading 1/3 i'm really disappointed. It's a story of a serial killer Richard Kuklinski. And well that's the problem it's story of his life not a detective story, there's no mystery to solve. The only interesting part can be how the police finally caught him, and if somebody likes the pretty detailed  descriptions of murders. I also don't like the fact, that something is written in one chapter and then in the next one the author repeats it, after few times it's starts to be a little bit annoying. I don't really think i will finish it, well maybe one day but for sure not now, i've got a way better books to read.

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