Sunday, October 21, 2012

Ich sehe was, was du nicht siehst

it's nice to find out that on the exams at the univeristy they want you to draw a model not a still life. good to know. i need to find somebody to sit 2 hours for me without moving.xD wish me luck.
anyway i spent a wonderful day yesterday, and the classes were also cool:D the weather was perfect/well today it also should be but it's quite foggy. almost like there was milk instead of air.;d/ so i took my camera and took a few pictures./it took me half a day to realize i changed the file size to the smallest one._./  I won't post them now, cause in few minutes Sherlock is starting but you can expect them soon/well i know i know i still have photos from holidays to post. but there's just so many of them that i don't know which one to choose!/ okay i think i'm gonna doodle sth very quick and watch Sherlock;>

song of the day: Rammstein Moskau

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