Wednesday, October 10, 2012

autumn days

Yesterday while going back home by car with my parents i passed a park near the place where i live. Autumn has begun a while ago and many trees are still green, but day by day more and more are getting pretty colours. Also i was lucky and the light of yesterdays late afternoon was really wonderful. And then few moments later the weather changed. Black clouds covered the sky and a storm(if we can call it a storm in October) came. In the evening when i was going somewhere the stormy weather was still in the air. Heavy drops of rain were falling down from the sky and the strong wind blew just in my direction.Just the weather i love. Stormy sealike weather. Although it's getting colder and colder, and each day is shorter i must tell i really enjoy these autumn days. On a pleasant day it's a good opportunity to go outside, and during the long windy evenings having a good book around is undisputedly the best way to spend it. Of course there's many other things you can do. Because of much work i have to do for my school and extra classes my evenings are much shorter and after a not even exhausting, boring would be more accurate word, i'm simply to tired to do some of the things i'd like to or i've planned to do. But autumn evenings are also a perfect time to listen to jazz and think about past things. I think i tend to be too melancholic sometimes, so forgive me this little note about loneliness and sadness which are brought along with the autumn fog.

and especially for you song of the day: Tomasz Stańko - Ballada

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