Tuesday, September 25, 2012

you're in for surprise

a long time's passed since my last post about something./well since any post actually.;d/ well the life goes on, nothing important really happens. school, school, school. i try to draw a little, i attend drawing classes at the University of Technology in Gdansk...and i feel like the time is slipping through my fingers, but not so quickly as in ABBAs song.;d

today while scrolling my dash on tumblr i bumped into a painting by Rossetti. and i decided to share my love to him with you.;> he's an absolutely amazing artist as he was not only a painter but also a poet and translator. born and died in XIXth century, along with Hunt and Millais founded the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood...i'll show you just a few of his works because otherwise i'd not be able to decide which one to post.;d
I believe most of them if not all, will be portraits of  Alexa Wilding or she was just the model as for the painting below.;d
La Ghirlandata
Although she's playing i feel the silence, the harmony and sadness. doesn't she seem to be a little bit melancholic?

Alexa Wilding
I just love this one. drawing with chalk and pencil. it's so gentle and soft.

Lady Lilth
I guess all the paintings i've chosen are melancholic.

 A Sea–Spell
and the last work with originally included text

The Blessed Damozel

The blessed damozel leaned out
From the gold bar of Heaven;
Her eyes were deeper than the depth
Of waters stilled at even;
She had three lilies in her hand,
And the stars in her hair were seven.

Her robe, ungirt from clasp to hem,
No wrought flowers did adorn,
But a white rose of Mary's gift,
For service meetly worn;
Her hair that lay along her back
Was yellow like ripe corn.

Herseemed she scarce had been a day
One of God's choristers;
The wonder was not yet quite gone
From that still look of hers;
Albeit, to them she left, her day
Had counted as ten years.

(To one, it is ten years of years.
. . . Yet now, and in this place,
Surely she leaned o'er me—her hair
Fell all about my face. . . .
Nothing: the autumn fall of leaves.
The whole year sets apace.)
i think it was not the last post about Rossetti.;d someday he will appear here again.
song of the day. well it doesn't really suit to Rossetti paintings but lately i love this song so much! 
Judas Priest The Ripper


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