Sunday, September 9, 2012

what can you see on the horizon

so finally i'm posting photos from my holidays:D part one: Mountains part one.:>

As i said before, i was sure this journey would kill me, but surprise! it didn't.XD
Just to remind you I was in Tatra mountains, the highest we have in Poland. So we took the night train, arriving in the morning in Zakopane, our first point was the mountain hostel "Ornak", so we took the walk through the whole Kościeliska Valley. The next morning we made a pretty long trip, the next day my whole body was aching.xd but going back, we climbed the Ornak top through the Iwaniacka Pass, then we reached the Sarorobociański Peak, went down to the Chochołowska Valley and back to the hostel through the Iwaniacka Pass. It took us the whole day, but the views were really really wonderful. The next day we wanted to reach the mountain Ciemniak, but we resigned because i was too tired to go there, we just got to the Tomanowa Valley. The next day we landed in the hospital because of food poisoning. I spent there almost 5 hours on the drip, but i felt like a new born.xd so i guess it was worth it.;d we spent the night in Zakopane, because it was too late to go to the next hostel. The next day we only got to the hostel on the Kondratowa Alp.  and the next part coming as soon as i'll go through the rest of photos.;d

view from the window in our room in the Ornak hostel
view from Ornak Mountain
Ornak Mountain
view down from Ornak Mountain
Starorobociański Mountain seen from Ornak Mountain.
Ornak Mountain/the highest point i think./
mountain goat and the Ornak Mountain/in the background/
Tomanowa Vallley, the view on Ornak Mountain(center) and Iwaniacka Pass(right)
Levander on Kondratowa Alp
view from Kondratowa Alp
do not use/repost my photos.

and song of the day. Annie Lennox Into the West from the Lord of the Rings the Return of the King soundtrack. enjoy.:>

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