Wednesday, September 12, 2012

victorian times.

you know, it always bothers me why everybody thinks that 19th century, the victorian times were so amazing, all these pretty ladies walking around the streets in those lovely colourful dresses, handsome gentlemen strolling with papers under their arms, the carriages dashing down the noisy, crowded streets. Movies about this century don't really show the life. I've read some time ago about the problem with horse carriages in the biggest cities in the end of 19th century. The streets were covered with horseshit so much that there were persons, who were simply moving it from place to place whenever somebody wanted to cross the street, another problem was with getting rid of it. Can you imagine living in a city where almost everywhere was lying horseshit, the smell must have been terrific, and the flies carring diseases. And what about the poor people?weren't they the majority?what about the children working in factories for almost nothing. I've got mixed feelings about this period. On the one hand we have culture, fashion, art, literature, the rich people owning the beautiful houses, but on the other hand we have workers, poor children, dirt, stink, very very visible social inequality. But well what's done it's done. Thanks God we live in this times. And i think it's much better to think about the victorian times as about the era of great inventions, ladies with pretty dresses, gentlemen, rich cultural life and many other positive things, even though it's not really how the world looked like back then./click on the images for bigger versions.;>

A Garden Stroll by Auguste Toulmouche
 i always wonder why on earth did they wear so long dresses, they must have been terribly dirty! and imagine washing that kind of dress.

somebody even said that the bicycle was the first step to the womens emancipation.
Young Ladies Admiring Japanese Objects by James Jacques Joseph Tissot
An Elegant Lady Smelling Roses by Hendrik Jacobus Scholten
Portrait of a Lady in Pink by William Merritt Chase
A Windy Day by Édouard Bisson
Portrait of a Woman by Marie Wandscheer
The Debutantes by Marta Danzig Aronssohn

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