Sunday, September 2, 2012

oh i want to be somebody, somebody, someone

yesterday i made 2nd attempt to watch the first part of the last Harry Potter movie, but i failed again.xd i don't know, this one is just so boooring. i guess i liked to school life.xd anyway school's starting tomorrow, and i probably won't have as much time as i'd like to have for everything, even on weekends, cause i'll be attending drawing classes each Saturday in Gdansk. mmm..yeah but anyway, today i have for you few of my new works. it's been ages since i've posted my works here.xd  okay, so as i told you earlier i was playing a little with watercolours and that's the result, i'm not posting all works cause most of them is just too bad to show you but i hope you'll like these two. there's only left the song of the day.;D so let it be...Boy & Bear Feeding line /i discovered them few days ago, and they are pretty cool i think.;d their video to Rabbit song is pretty funny. maybe i'll post it next time.;d

anyway follow me on tumblr./you can find there everything that inspires me.;d and check out my dA.(links on the top.xd)

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