Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Death is the only way

oh dear! i missed the Pre-Raphaelite day! it was two days ago/just on the same day when the brotherhood was formed.:> so just to celebrate it i'll post few paintings i really love. enjoy & share the love.:>

this one is so so so so wonderful, the colours, the beautiful woman and the knight, oh this scene is just so perfect!
La Belle Dame Sans Merci by Frank Dicksee

even though the colours are lively i find this one pretty sad.i dunno why. but she looks like she's got nothing. like everything she cared about is now gone.:<
Lady Godiva by John Collier
another sad painting.i'm sorry i'm just in a mood for these kind of paintings lately.they seem more interesting than the "happy ones" anyway
Boreas by John William Waterhouse
I love this dress! can anybody tell me why women are not wearing dresses like this nowadays:< well but i like to wear trousers more than dresses/maybe because they are mainly short._.
Crystal Ball by John William Waterhouse
 i thinks thats all for today. gonna post some more paintings later if you want. well nobody ever comments so i don't really think you care. 
more art on my art blog.

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