Thursday, September 6, 2012

broken pieces inside of me.

i've just seen the most disgusting thing since the man/well at least what was left/ who was ran over by a train.
anyway that's not what i wanted to write about.actually i don't remember what i wanted...i should eat less chocolat. hmmm.... oh wait, i know now!:D

so today on the english classes we talked about time, and the passage of time, ect. and now and then i go back to some events form the beginning of high school and i was surprised to find it was 2 years ago. and i'm still stuck in the same place i've been. and there're no sights of any possibility of changing it. oh God why?

okay, i'm starting to sound really depressing. okay so again let's end with the song of the day okay, if we want to be sentimental today so let it be. Dave Matthews Band Baby Blue

*the title is not from the song but yes, it's a little bit modified line from it.

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