Thursday, August 9, 2012


okay a new kind of art.
what's that?
okay. it's really simple. a man/woman PERFORMER comes and PERFORMS something UNUSUAL or wait...maybe it's totally CASUAL. 
well what's strange about drawing on a postcard?
what's strange in pining medal right to your naked chest?'s a little bit strange, isn't it? and well it's what's this all shit about.
how to move a piece of soap? 
put in on your head and walk with it to your destination! 

or let's make a performance together! 
let's take some old stuff and rubbish and throw it all around us! and say that it belongs to the moving world!

or let's shout "honey" or "grow" and throw all around paper with these words! 

c'mon. it's not art! it's some stupid action held by sick people just to capture attention and make them feel more like a real artist. if they show me their paintings which are on the same level as Picasso's when he was 15. they can do whatever they like because they have skills and talent and can do other things to express themselves but if they are nothing and can nothing else than making a lot of mess around them i will never call them artist.not even close to it.

and i'm not talking about actors, just to be clear.

and when i saw this loathsome fat half-naked man, who pinned the medal to his chest with a soap on his head saying that now the hair on the soap are happy because they are on the head where they belong i was like
or even more disgusted.

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