Friday, August 17, 2012

Lilo & Stitch

hmm..okay. so among many things i wanted to write is about 2 movies.;d so first let's take Lilo & Stitch ;d
i know many of you might day that's for little children, but actually i found it pretty sad..i think it's one of the best Disney animations... so in short what's it about.
An illegal genetic experiment #626 escapes from the Grand Council of the Galactic Federation and lands on earth, were a Hawaiian girl adopts it as a may seem to her and her sister as the end of their problems but in fact it's only the begining....
  i really recommend you to watch it if you like Disney movies.;d 

story: 6.5/7
actors: i don't thinks i can judge it. let it be animation instead. animation: 6/7
music: 5.5/7
all in all: 6/7

i must be going now. i'll post the rest in the afternoon...well hopefully.xd

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