Thursday, August 30, 2012

i'd rather dance with you than talk with you

i've been playing today with watercolours, and i think i'm not done yet.xd it's so much fun.XD
anyway the poll of awesomeness is officially closed and to the general surprise yes, somebody voted. i don't know who, but i hope the lovely voter will be satisfied with what i'll be blogging about.;d

okay, so that's about the general stuff. and now, not about books but about a movie i watched yesterday.
Headhunters also known as Hodejegerne(the original norwegian title), so yep. it's a norwegian production, very good by the way. what's it about. Roger Brown has a beautiful wife, who has an art gallery, big house and a good job. what more could a man want? But it's not enough....he steals paintings. He's a professional. One day, on the opening of his wifes gallery he meets Clas Greve, who he decides to rob after hearing he has the original Rubens painting, but things start to go wrong.  It's really a good movie, there are parts full of violence, but i think they are necessary to make the action more captivating.;d/ but still i didn't like one and tell me which one. i'm sure you'll have similar feelings about it. 
if you're a fan of scandinavian movies, you won't be disappointed.

story: 6/7
actors: 5.5/7
music: 3/7 ( i don't really remember the music, so i guess it wasn't really good, otherwise i'd have remembered it.)
all in all: 6/7

and just to end in a good mood here's a nice song by a norwegian band Kings of Convenience.;d

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