Wednesday, August 29, 2012

breath, breath in the air.

so i'm back yay! well maybe not so yay, because if we've stayed one day more i would climb the highest mountain in Poland.:< but oh well, the next time.;d yes, i think there definitely will be a next time.:D hiking is so much fun.:D we stayed in mountain hostels, so we had the whole days to walk and we didn't have to worry about getting to the place we stayed for dinner etc. At first i thought it would be very hard to walk in the mountains with all your stuff on your back but it wasn't so bad. of course my back ached so bad but but not so bad that you couldn't get along with it.;d we had a little trouble on the way, but about it the next time.;d / i want to write a really long post with photos and pretty detailed description of our journey:D

but i want only to say that mountains are a wonderful place, where /well if there're are not so many tourists/ you can find peace.and just sit and think about everything and nothing and watch breathtaking views.
unfortunately in polish mountains it is nearly impossible because of a great amount of "sunday tourists"/as my brother calls the people who only go to the nearest mountain hostel have a piece of cake/ glass of beer or whatever, or they try to make a more complicated track in sandals or brand new white trainers.xd/

so as i said, photos are coming later, along with photos from Barcelona and few other things.;d

and yes, i'm listening almost only Pink Floyd lately.xd

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