Friday, August 31, 2012

mother do you think she's good enough

no, it's not going to be a long post about something. i just want to share with you a song.

Mother do you think she's good enough, for me?
Mother do you think she's dangerous, to me?
Mother will she tear your little boy apart?
Ooooh ah,
Mother will she break my heart?

(Pink Floyd ~ Mother)

i'm not reaching for the moon, the moon is reaching for me.

okay, starting with another movie review.yay! so last night i watched Sabrina with Audrey Hepburn, Bogart and Holden./yes i know, i'm very quick.xd there really is something in the old movies.i don't know what but most of them is really good, maybe just because back then they didn't make hundreds of movies per month.;d but about it later. going back. Sabrina is a daughter of a chauffeur,deeply in love in one of the family members- David. Father sends her to Paris not only to the cooking school but also to help her get over David, but after her return things start to get a little bit more complicated than they were before./as usual i guess/ okay, so i really love all those 50s/60s movies because they show the atmosphere of these years, i love the music, i love the dresses. and I guess that all the people who like this period have already seen this film but if not, i believe, it's a must.

story: 5/7
actors: 6.5/7
music: 5/7
all in all: 6/7

Thursday, August 30, 2012

i'd rather dance with you than talk with you

i've been playing today with watercolours, and i think i'm not done yet.xd it's so much fun.XD
anyway the poll of awesomeness is officially closed and to the general surprise yes, somebody voted. i don't know who, but i hope the lovely voter will be satisfied with what i'll be blogging about.;d

okay, so that's about the general stuff. and now, not about books but about a movie i watched yesterday.
Headhunters also known as Hodejegerne(the original norwegian title), so yep. it's a norwegian production, very good by the way. what's it about. Roger Brown has a beautiful wife, who has an art gallery, big house and a good job. what more could a man want? But it's not enough....he steals paintings. He's a professional. One day, on the opening of his wifes gallery he meets Clas Greve, who he decides to rob after hearing he has the original Rubens painting, but things start to go wrong.  It's really a good movie, there are parts full of violence, but i think they are necessary to make the action more captivating.;d/ but still i didn't like one and tell me which one. i'm sure you'll have similar feelings about it. 
if you're a fan of scandinavian movies, you won't be disappointed.

story: 6/7
actors: 5.5/7
music: 3/7 ( i don't really remember the music, so i guess it wasn't really good, otherwise i'd have remembered it.)
all in all: 6/7

and just to end in a good mood here's a nice song by a norwegian band Kings of Convenience.;d

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

breath, breath in the air.

so i'm back yay! well maybe not so yay, because if we've stayed one day more i would climb the highest mountain in Poland.:< but oh well, the next time.;d yes, i think there definitely will be a next time.:D hiking is so much fun.:D we stayed in mountain hostels, so we had the whole days to walk and we didn't have to worry about getting to the place we stayed for dinner etc. At first i thought it would be very hard to walk in the mountains with all your stuff on your back but it wasn't so bad. of course my back ached so bad but but not so bad that you couldn't get along with it.;d we had a little trouble on the way, but about it the next time.;d / i want to write a really long post with photos and pretty detailed description of our journey:D

but i want only to say that mountains are a wonderful place, where /well if there're are not so many tourists/ you can find peace.and just sit and think about everything and nothing and watch breathtaking views.
unfortunately in polish mountains it is nearly impossible because of a great amount of "sunday tourists"/as my brother calls the people who only go to the nearest mountain hostel have a piece of cake/ glass of beer or whatever, or they try to make a more complicated track in sandals or brand new white trainers.xd/

so as i said, photos are coming later, along with photos from Barcelona and few other things.;d

and yes, i'm listening almost only Pink Floyd lately.xd

Sunday, August 19, 2012

is anybody out there?

going away till 29th. i hope i won't die in the mountains.XD we are already making bets when will i first say "i want to go home"XD i guess it'll be 10 steps form the bus.XD

anyway here's some good music:D enjoy.;d

Friday, August 17, 2012

He laughs at fear, afraid of nothing.

The second movie i wanted to write about is Secretariat. I saw it yesterday and i think it's really amazing.<3
maybe just because i love horses and i know how beautiful creatures they are./well i think like all the animals.because in everything you can find something beautiful but only if you look for it.
So about the movie. It's based on real events, tells the story of a housewife, who after death of her mother comes back to her home town and discovers serious problems with the family's farm. Instead of selling it, she decides to run it. Along with Secretariat comes a lot of hard work, but with her strength and faith on what's she's doing she gets what she wants.
The action is set in the late 60s and early 70s. I think that along with the pretty story come beautiful pictures so it's worth to watch Secretariat for at least 2 reasons.;d and if you love horses it's a must:D

story: 5/7
actors: 6.5/7 (because of the horses;d)
music: 4.5/7
all in all: 5.5

and just to be clear, Secretariat is still the best racing horse ever.;d

Lilo & Stitch

hmm..okay. so among many things i wanted to write is about 2 movies.;d so first let's take Lilo & Stitch ;d
i know many of you might day that's for little children, but actually i found it pretty sad..i think it's one of the best Disney animations... so in short what's it about.
An illegal genetic experiment #626 escapes from the Grand Council of the Galactic Federation and lands on earth, were a Hawaiian girl adopts it as a may seem to her and her sister as the end of their problems but in fact it's only the begining....
  i really recommend you to watch it if you like Disney movies.;d 

story: 6.5/7
actors: i don't thinks i can judge it. let it be animation instead. animation: 6/7
music: 5.5/7
all in all: 6/7

i must be going now. i'll post the rest in the afternoon...well hopefully.xd

Thursday, August 16, 2012

i've got a lot of stuff to tell you guys and a lot of photos to go through and post here, but i'm so tired today so let's leave it for tomorrow.oh and i'm leaving in few days for i don't really know how long so...

Monday, August 13, 2012

good times, bad times.

i'm so excited! i might get a serious request.:D hold your thumbs:D

i will pray for you.

i think my blue trousers will completely loose color after few days.xd i definitely should have taken a pair of old jeans with me.xd i'm sitting almost all day on the beach trying to paint.xd/ i can't say painting cause the results are really bad.xd but i think i'm starting to like using aquarels<3
another thing i regret is not taking the disc with photos from barcelona, so i could finally post them here.xd

fortunately the weather is pretty good, i thought it would be colder.;d but still i'm wearing 2 sweaters and a jeans jacket.;d stay warm.:D and follow me on tumblr.xD

oh and this is definitely one of the best song Queen made:D

Saturday, August 11, 2012

so tomorrow i'm going somewhere by the sea:D i hope it won't be as cold as i think it will be.xd

i updated my maps on was hard to do but i managed to do it lol.XD
anyway i should be back to drawing some fat pony.xd

Friday, August 10, 2012

open your eyes and see

please if you can look right and vote. it would help a lot, because i'd like to write about sth you would like to read.;> but if you don't want to cooperate i'll have to call the capitan.;D "you don't want to cooperate, sir?" ;D  so just go and vote. it takes few seconds, and i'll be very glad if you do it.;>

Thursday, August 9, 2012


okay a new kind of art.
what's that?
okay. it's really simple. a man/woman PERFORMER comes and PERFORMS something UNUSUAL or wait...maybe it's totally CASUAL. 
well what's strange about drawing on a postcard?
what's strange in pining medal right to your naked chest?'s a little bit strange, isn't it? and well it's what's this all shit about.
how to move a piece of soap? 
put in on your head and walk with it to your destination! 

or let's make a performance together! 
let's take some old stuff and rubbish and throw it all around us! and say that it belongs to the moving world!

or let's shout "honey" or "grow" and throw all around paper with these words! 

c'mon. it's not art! it's some stupid action held by sick people just to capture attention and make them feel more like a real artist. if they show me their paintings which are on the same level as Picasso's when he was 15. they can do whatever they like because they have skills and talent and can do other things to express themselves but if they are nothing and can nothing else than making a lot of mess around them i will never call them artist.not even close to it.

and i'm not talking about actors, just to be clear.

and when i saw this loathsome fat half-naked man, who pinned the medal to his chest with a soap on his head saying that now the hair on the soap are happy because they are on the head where they belong i was like
or even more disgusted.

i don't need your civil war

yay! so i'm home. finally. but on this art camp i met one of the best artist i know in real. go and look at her works. you probably won't notice what's so awesome about them but Karolina draws/paints horses ( not only) from imagination! it's really incredible when you sit next to her and while you did one drawing she did 3 on bigger paper.xd 
i know i still have to show you photos from Barcelona but i'll be off for the weekend so i guess i'll do it next week. as soon as i manage to do other most important things like taking photo for my id card.xd