Saturday, July 14, 2012

tell me baby what's my name

i wanted to post it long ago but well yeah...i'm lazy. so here we go now.;d

berry cake:D yay!

 so the recipe is adapted from averie cooks.but i've modified it a little.;d so it's not so moist..but still it's delicious.;> the bottom is sweet and then the part with berries is a little sour but together it tastes perfect.;D

 so the recipe is available here but as i said i didn't really stick to it, so what you have to change to get my result: i didn't really put much condensed milk/ i used half of 350g packaging(well i guess it was 350), and i didn't really put much white chocolate.just like 50g....well i think that's it. oh and i used lemon cake mix once, and the other time lemon and yoghurt mixed together.
 well maybe on the photos it doesn't look very tasty but my family loves it, even my brother who is not very keen on eating things which doesn't look nice especially with berries.but he ate like the half of cake soo...xd
well i think that the best part of cooking is just having fun and experimenting with different things, sometimes of course the result is a complete disaster but well luckily i usually end up with huge "zakalec"/in polish it means that your cake is lame because during baking after growing it fell again so it's pretty hard.xd but i guess there's no word for that in english.;D / anyway enjoy and have fun.;D

oh and have you tried to make the sandwiches i posted like a week ago or so.?;D


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