Sunday, July 29, 2012

soul dracula.

so only today and tomorrow and tuesday morning i'm going back home for 24 hours._. then the best thing in the whole holidays! art camp. well it's not like i'm complaining but who wouldn't change it for another week in Barcelona? well i guess i'll be going. keep following for more "barcelona" in the next posts.;d

i can tell you that today i was on a flomarkt/at least that's how it's called in Germany.;d but it's a markt where people sell their old stuff.;d/ an it was really great! it's a shame that there're no such marcets in Poland.:< because you can find really interesting things there.;d

and this is an old song which i heard one morining in the Netherlands/well on a polish internet radio.;d but still in Netherlands.xd/ i've heard it few more times during the 5 last years but i've never really knew the title but suddenly here it is! 'soul dracula'.xd listen to it and have fun:D

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