Thursday, July 12, 2012

few thoughts about game of thrones tv series

I decided to share with you my opinion about the game of thrones tv series. First i think it's wonderfully done, i mean the castles and generally environment and that kind of stuff, also the costumes and characters are made pretty well, at least their look. I won't deny that they didn't look in any way how i've imagined them but oh well, though i was disappointed to find that the young characters were made much older than in the books /but perhaps it was easier to find actors.O-o Continuing the first season was pretty good and i liked it, because it really stick to the book, well more or less, but the second season, does it have anything to do with the book? I found the action really quick and even though i read the 2nd book a year ago, definitely i could say what was wrong, not only some tiny details not really important to the main plot but unfortunately also the important things. i don't want to spoil anything but c'mon why Rob's camp was in the middle of nowhere instead of being in Riverrun? why there was no sight of Meera and Jojen or Catelyn's brother? and what the hell Stannins and Melisandre? Loras and Renly? c'mon he was not gay!  there are few more things that form the plot that i didn't like but let's leave it here. I still think that they should make 20 episode in each season instead of 10 but oh's good even though it's slightly different from the book, i hope they will sort things out before the next season because i can't imagine many of events without some characters...
all in all if you haven't seen it yet i recommend you to first read the books then watch the series, just because it's better to have "your own" characters and places and everything.;d
okay let's drop it here. i'd like to hear your opinion if you've seen the series/read the books.;D i love talking about game of thrones so if you'd like to chat with my we can talk on skype or whatever.;D /my skype username: dontwannabemyself /
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