Monday, July 2, 2012

And then came the rush of the flood, the stars at night turned you to dust

bleaching hair:D yay! so well right now almost half of my hair is i have to bleach them again and then die them.:D it's gonna be fun.;d  i had to wait for my hair to mum have taken the hair dryer with her so i'm left with the towel lol.XD

anyway i went today with my friend to see 'the dictator' it was so stupid that it was funny.XD anyway we had a great time. and this movie is actually funny so well if you want to laugh for more than an hour go and see it.XD
story: 4.5/7
actors: 4/7
music: 4.5/7
all in all: 4.5/7

and a great song from 'my blueberry nights'

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