Tuesday, July 31, 2012

all of my love.

so finally i'm home.after almost no sleep.xd i was really surprised how many people were outside on tuesday night in Barcelona. i was leaving at 3 am and where the hell were all the people going?lol.xd gah, but i have to unpack and pack again.;/ that's the worst part of travelling. anyway i guess i won't have internet where i'm going tomorrow so i guess see you in 11 days then.;d maybe i'll post some photos later but i don't really think i'll have time to do that, and i have thousands of them:D

Sunday, July 29, 2012

soul dracula.

so only today and tomorrow and tuesday morning i'm going back home for 24 hours._. then the best thing in the whole holidays! art camp. well it's not like i'm complaining but who wouldn't change it for another week in Barcelona? well i guess i'll be going. keep following for more "barcelona" in the next posts.;d

i can tell you that today i was on a flomarkt/at least that's how it's called in Germany.;d but it's a markt where people sell their old stuff.;d/ an it was really great! it's a shame that there're no such marcets in Poland.:< because you can find really interesting things there.;d

and this is an old song which i heard one morining in the Netherlands/well on a polish internet radio.;d but still in Netherlands.xd/ i've heard it few more times during the 5 last years but i've never really knew the title but suddenly here it is! 'soul dracula'.xd listen to it and have fun:D

Saturday, July 28, 2012

let me be yours ever truly

guessing that many people know Alfons Mucha or Alphonse Mucha/whatever you prefer.xd/  as a painter/graphic, but i want to show you some other awesome things he did besides making ads.;d so he was a great designer.i'm gonna show you some sketches of design for tableware, jewelry, furniture, and other things.;d enjoy.^^ and sorry for posting only art related things...but it's hard to write 2 weeks earlier what you'll be doing now.xd yep i'm still in Barcelona.;d

i have no idea what the things top right are.;d
Fuchsia Necklace designed by Alphonse Mucha and made by jeweler Gorges Fouquet in opal, cabochon sapphire, pearl, and gold
Sycamore brooch, designed by Alphonse Mucha and made by jeweler Gorges Fouquet in Cloisonne enamel, gold, diamonds, and teardrop pearl

Mucha is one of my favourite artist, i think along with Waterhouse, Klimt and few other.;d

Friday, July 27, 2012

well, my time went to quickly

that's not fair.;/ it's the second time i've planned to go and see Sagrada Familia and again it's cloudy today.>>  guess i'll have to change my plans. but c'mon! it's everyday sunny except the day when i want to go to see this church!>> i think i'll go to the contemporarty art museum, fortunatelly it's not so far away.;d

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Daryl Mandryk

Another post i've prepared for you.^^  today let's have a look at Mandryks works. He's a freelance artist, mostly working in the entertainment industry. that's his official page.
(again.fullview ;d)
showing you few sketches just cause i like:D

well i hope you enjoyed it :D

Saturday, July 21, 2012

pudding cake:D

so along with the berry cake i made this chocolate pudding cake.:D it's really easy to make (because we again use the cake mix) and very very tasty and sweet.;d
here's the recipe.
1 2/3 cups cake mix (i used the yoghurt one)
1/2 cup butter (1 stick), softened
1 large egg
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1/2 cup of cacao/not the instant one!
2 snickers bars
2 chocolate bars(100g each)
2 instant puddings (the ones that you put in the mug and only add hot water) one vanilla and one chocolate

 Preheat oven to 350F and prepare a pan, can be 9-9 inch, depending on how big pan you take your cake will be more flat or thick,  and line it with greased baking paper.
First crumble the snickers and chocolate, i used a blender,i think it's the easiest way. Prepare the puddings, just follow the instructions on the package. In a large bowl combine cake mix, butter, egg, vanilla,cacao and your crumbled choclate and snickers, mix it. You may use a mixer, but in the end it will be easier to do it with your hands. Putt the dough into the pan. (yes it is sticky but it's possible to do it.;d) When you are done, pour on the top the pudding, you can do it with a spoon "mixing" them, so you'll get parts with only vanilla, chocolate or both.;D Bake for 25-30 minutes, or till the stick is (more or less) clean.;d
enjoy your cake:D

wiec po ostatnim lesno owocowym ciescie, mam dla was czekoladowe z budyniem.:D

1 2/3 kubka pol-gotowego ciasta/czy jakkolwiek to sie nazywa/ uzylam babki jogurtowej Dr Oetkera.
100 g masla
1 jajko
1 lyzka cukru waniliowego/ekstraktu z wanili.
1/2 kubka kakao/nie takiego dla dzieci co sie tylko mlekiem zalewa.
2 snickersy
2 tabliczki czekolady
2 budynie (typu Slodka chwila, czy Goracy kubek) czekoladowy i waniliowy

Nastaw piekarnik na 180'C i przygotuj blache(wyloz wysmarowanym tluszczem papierem do pieczenia) 20x20/ czy cos takiego/ osobiscie uzylam jakiejs 20x 30.
Rozkrusz snickersy i  czekolade, uzylam blendera, aczkolwiek mialam pozniej problem z domyciem go, ale to tam.;d Przytuj budyn i zostaw do ostygniecia. W duzej misce wymieszaj  "mieszanke ciastowa", jajko, maslo, wanilie, kakao, pokruszona czekolade i snickersa. Wymieszaj dobrze, szczerze to polecam uzyc rak, bo mikserem dosc trudno, bo ciasto strasznie sie klei. Wyloz wszystko na blache. Na koniec polej budyniem.(mozna sie fajnie tym pobawic robiac laty i wgl.;d) Piecz przez 25-30 min, albo do czasu, gdy patyczek bedzie w miare czysty.;d
btw. moje ciasto lezalo tydzien i nadal bylo dobre takze:D

and yep it's another post i've prepared for you.;D

nanananana Barcelona.!

yesterday i visited the national museum in Barcelona. and it was AWESOME! ;D when i reached modern art i was so excited about all the art nouveau furniture and stuff.:D i've got a lot of photos, fortunatelly you could take photos.;d so i took a picture of almost every single painting, sculputre or furniture or whatever.XD

 this is a wonderful box with unicorns:D from  XVth century made in France.;d i'm not gonna share all of the photos i made, now but after i return i guess i will show you pretty much of them.xd

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Ryan Church

When you are reading this i'm probably walking down a lovely street in Barcelona.;d /i've prepared this post to keep the blog alive during my stay in Spain, in case i didn't have internet there.;d/

so i have for you an awesome artist, mostly working as a concept artist both for movies and games, he work on Transformers, Avatar, Star Wars,(Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle Earth II if we are talking about games.;d) and many more. visit his official site.
enjoy this little collection of his works.;>/view fullview.;D

i hope you liked it.;) and have a nice afternoon.;)
hi everyone! greetings from Barcelona:D it's really hot in here, but i'm not complaining, i've heard that where i live it's pretty cold and rainy so it's nice to be here/but i still have nothing against british weather.;d

Monday, July 16, 2012

I can't quit you, baby

i've got almost all my stuff packed:D so it's good. but i'm hungry._. well i'm always. forever hungry._. kinda lame but oh well.xd  umm..yeah so tomorrow morning i've got the plane to Girona and then Barcelona.<3 gonna be awesome. i'll visit all places were Gaudi was lol.XD almost like on the school trip except the fact that this time i'll give a fuck about it.XD so well have a good time wherever you are and don't stop following my blog.;D oh and follow my on tumblr./i might be not active while i'm away but except that i'm always active.xd even too active. lol.XD

I Can't Quit You, Baby, so I'm gonna put you down for awhile. 
Said you know I love you, baby, my love for you I could never hide.
When you hear me moaning and groaning,
you know it hurts me deep down inside.
Oh, when you hear me... You know you're my one desire. 
Yes, you are. 

all guns blazing!

so i'm packing my stuff and collecting clothes and generally i try not to forget sth.xd this is the part of going somewhere i hate.xd

anyway, have you seen the 25th hour? i've seen it yesterday and i think it was quite good.;d the funny thing is about the ending...because you can choose which version you prefer.;d  but i'm still not sure which one i prefer.xd but anyway it's pretty good and not full of violence as it might seem at the beginning.
here's the trailer.;d

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Like an army falling one by one by one

as i promised:D here's my 3rd drawing form the Stark series.;d i hope you'll like it.;D

so King in the North:D

well i think he looks quite like Robb so...i'm kinda satisfied with it.;d so enjoy:D

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Klimt Klimt Klimt!

happy 150 bday Gustav.:D
well yeah. so today Gustav Klimt would have his 150 bday if he only hadn't died in 1918.:<
so to celebrate this big event even google has done sth.;D

so let's have a look on some of his amazing works.

Portrait of a Girl, Head Slightly Turned Left
he was only 17 when he drew it!

Painted composition/design to Medicine
Klimt was commissioned to paint the ceilings in the University of Vienna’s great hall, the paintings were: Philosophy, Medicine and Jurisprudence. However the university didn't like it, as they were said to be pornographic, even the critics were against Klimt. The paintings were destroyed in 1945 and we are only left with few photographs and sketches to these paintings.
Hygieia (part of Medicine)

The Beethoven Frieze: The Hostile Powers/far wall/ 
The Beethoven Frieze: The Hostile Powers. Left part, detail

 Painting done for the Vienna Secession exhibition of 1914, was intended to be a celebration of the great composer Ludwig von Beethoven.

Bewegte Wasser
 and i think we will end here today, cause there's just to many Klimts works i'd love to show you.;D so wait till the next time.;D i hope you enjoyed it.;D

tell me baby what's my name

i wanted to post it long ago but well yeah...i'm lazy. so here we go now.;d

berry cake:D yay!

 so the recipe is adapted from averie cooks.but i've modified it a little.;d so it's not so moist..but still it's delicious.;> the bottom is sweet and then the part with berries is a little sour but together it tastes perfect.;D

 so the recipe is available here but as i said i didn't really stick to it, so what you have to change to get my result: i didn't really put much condensed milk/ i used half of 350g packaging(well i guess it was 350), and i didn't really put much white chocolate.just like 50g....well i think that's it. oh and i used lemon cake mix once, and the other time lemon and yoghurt mixed together.
 well maybe on the photos it doesn't look very tasty but my family loves it, even my brother who is not very keen on eating things which doesn't look nice especially with berries.but he ate like the half of cake soo...xd
well i think that the best part of cooking is just having fun and experimenting with different things, sometimes of course the result is a complete disaster but well luckily i usually end up with huge "zakalec"/in polish it means that your cake is lame because during baking after growing it fell again so it's pretty hard.xd but i guess there's no word for that in english.;D / anyway enjoy and have fun.;D

oh and have you tried to make the sandwiches i posted like a week ago or so.?;D


Friday, July 13, 2012

pink it was love at first sight!

yay! let's make some stupid faces:D
/you may not use any of these photos without my permission.

yay! so photos made by my friend today. it was fun:D and finally not so hot.xd yeah well i just choose some more stupid photos to share with you so enjoy looking at my stupid face lol.XD anyway this dress is amazing! Ra i have no idea how did you find it in a SH.;D anyway i love it.<3
and well yeah i've got almost ombre hair.xd

Thursday, July 12, 2012

few thoughts about game of thrones tv series

I decided to share with you my opinion about the game of thrones tv series. First i think it's wonderfully done, i mean the castles and generally environment and that kind of stuff, also the costumes and characters are made pretty well, at least their look. I won't deny that they didn't look in any way how i've imagined them but oh well, though i was disappointed to find that the young characters were made much older than in the books /but perhaps it was easier to find actors.O-o Continuing the first season was pretty good and i liked it, because it really stick to the book, well more or less, but the second season, does it have anything to do with the book? I found the action really quick and even though i read the 2nd book a year ago, definitely i could say what was wrong, not only some tiny details not really important to the main plot but unfortunately also the important things. i don't want to spoil anything but c'mon why Rob's camp was in the middle of nowhere instead of being in Riverrun? why there was no sight of Meera and Jojen or Catelyn's brother? and what the hell Stannins and Melisandre? Loras and Renly? c'mon he was not gay!  there are few more things that form the plot that i didn't like but let's leave it here. I still think that they should make 20 episode in each season instead of 10 but oh well....it's good even though it's slightly different from the book, i hope they will sort things out before the next season because i can't imagine many of events without some characters...
all in all if you haven't seen it yet i recommend you to first read the books then watch the series, just because it's better to have "your own" characters and places and everything.;d
okay let's drop it here. i'd like to hear your opinion if you've seen the series/read the books.;D i love talking about game of thrones so if you'd like to chat with my we can talk on skype or whatever.;D /my skype username: dontwannabemyself /
+follow me on tumblr.;d 

and yay! 200 posts:D

Aleksandr Deyneka

i've just came across one of Aleksandr Deynekas works and well i found them very interesting.;d /he was a russian XXth century artist.

Portrait of a student
Self-Portrait in Panama
one of his works i like the most.;d
Crimean landscape
Construct a powerful Soviet Airship "Klim Voroshilov"
The model
Mosaic Art for metro station 'Mayakovkskaya'
okay, his not even an artist who i admire, but even though i find his works pretty interesting. google him for more works.