Monday, June 18, 2012

Yohann Schepacz

i've got for you another concept artist Yohann Schepacz/.i must say i have no idea how to pronounce his name. (anyway this absolutely sucks. i managed to lose weight but i put on it again.gah this is so so unfair!>>)
okay so let's take a look at his works.;d enjoy.C: 
visit his online gallery or blog for more.;d

anyway i'm trying to find a topic for the presentation on my final exams next year..yeah i know it's pretty soon but well if i want to speak about sth interesting i have to come up with it until next week. i'm trying to find sth with Ruskin or Moriss or some pre raphaelits but it's kinda hard, especially when one of his works that is perfect for my topic is not translated to polish.>> i guess i can't base on sth written only in english.:/

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