Tuesday, June 19, 2012

ryan gosling, drive, summer break and other random stuff.

nanana. today i fell asleep on my history class lol.xd anyway i learnt i great secret today but before i share it with you i must first check one thing.;D /it's not such a big thing really.xd/
yesterday i've watched Drive with Ryan Gosling well..he's pretty handsome isn't he?;d about the movie...hmm..it's was really gripping and i liked the music.;D actually it has 8/10 stars on IMDB but i'd give it 7.5 because i found some parts boring...maybe because i was freaking tired.xd well whatever.now i'm going to watch Cabin in the Woods..i think it's with this guy from Thor or sth.XD he's pretty handsome too. lol.XD but not my type i think.XD okay i stop acting like a silly fangirl lol.XD i guess i can't.XDDD

oh and i can't wait to try some recipes i found on the internet.;d

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