Friday, June 8, 2012

Gustave Caillebotte

accidentally i found today on wikipedia one of his works and actually i was surprised it was his..i don't know why, maybe because my polish student book showed few of his works but described he was described rather as a more realistic painter than impressionist. but okay nevermind. anyway it's funny that almost every artist from that time knew the other one, or worked with him, or was close friends with him.that's kinda cool i thinks.;d who wouldn't like to meet with Renoire, Monet and Mucha in the same time.;d this must have been awesome.:D okay, so here are some of his works.
but first music.;d

and then women.;d (click on the photo to usual.;d)
Woman at a Dressing Table
The Piano Lesson
Naked Woman Lying on a Couch
Skiffs on the Yerres
The Harbour of Argentueil
Seascape, Regatta at Villers
this painting is so calm. reminds me of holidays...a lovely day on the beach with a light breeze.;>
Landscape near Yerres
The Yerres, Rain
Calf, Head and Ox Tongue
with this lovely painting we came to the end.;d i hope you enjoyed looking at those paintings, well at most of them.;d gonna post later some contemporary artist.;d
and i've finished the work of which wip i posted yesterday. oh and visit my tumblr.;d

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