Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sam Wolfe Connelly

gah.i'm so tired...i'm watching a movie about Afghanistan.O_o but anyway. today i have for you something quite different from the works i've posted yesterday. okay the movie has just ended.O_o it was short.O_O

okay so today i present you Sam Wolfe Connelly, artist based in New York, he's pretty amazing...well he's style is really interesting. you'll see.;> visit his site or online gallery for more of his works.;>

here's our artist.;> a pretty nice young man, i must say.;d

again, click for fullview.
that's the work which captured my attention.;>
 there are lots of works that i'd love to show you but i think that's enough. if you want more visit his site.C:

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