Saturday, May 19, 2012

John Everett Millais as i promised here's the post about John Millais...actually about Sir John Millais.;d so he  was an English painter and illustrator and one of the founders of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood.(yep wikipedia. lol.xd)
anyway i really like the preraphaelite's paintings especially the ones with medieval influences.;d
enough talking.;D let's have a look at few paintings.;d (click for fullview.;>)

you could have guessed that for sure i will post Ophelia.;d i think this is one of my favourite themes in the preraphaelite's art.;D

The Matyr of the Solway
i don't know why but i really like this painting.doesn't it have sth in it?;> (i'm talking about the one above.;d)
oh and this girl looks almost like sansa from game of thrones tv series, doesn't she?;D

Sweetest eyes that were ever seen…
The Ransom
Message From the Sea
love this one.;d
and well few things i forgot to post the last time.;d
 so here it is.:D Edgar Degas sculptures.:D

i like the idea of giving her the "real" skirt. it looks amazing<3
Little Dancer, Fourteen Year Old

and some sculptures of horses.;> aren't they amazing.*-*

Drinking Horse
Rearing Horse
i think this one is the best one i've came's simply beautiful.<3

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