Thursday, May 31, 2012

i want it all

well i've came across a blog run by 14 years old girls giving advices to other teenagers, how ridiculous it sounds when they write about abortion that it's the only way for 15/16 years old girls who are pregnant if they are afraid of being a mother or simply they can't afford having a baby but somehow they can afford abortion. or giving some awesome advices about love. about split-up or whatever. i'm sorry it's just so funny when 14 years old writes that breaking up with the love of your life is the worst thing that can happen to you or whatever. but c'mon hearing such things from kids is funny. really funny. lol.XD i can't believe other people take them serious. but anyway hearing about others BIG PROBLEMS made me realize how small my problems are lol.XD anyway i should be doing math/yes yes i know but that's what i've been doing for the whole day./  so hold your thumbs for me at saturday and wish me luck.~

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