Friday, May 11, 2012

free your soul.

yay for Tyrion:D
well he's not the only Lannister who i admire.;d i must say that in the beginning i hated all the Lannisters but Tyrion. but well at some point i started to love Cersei, yeah that cold bitch.;D and well Jamie is also not bad.;d but still Go Starks!;D
yes, i'm a huge fan of Game of Thrones but more the books than the tv series.;d
hahaha.;D that's not enough.;D but i won't tell what happens later in case some of you still have't read the book.;D 
anyway, the cake is looking pretty good. yup that's right i made a cake. again! lol. i took again the raspberry muffin recipe but instead of making muffins i made one big cake.;D well actually not so big.;d

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