Thursday, May 31, 2012

i want it all

well i've came across a blog run by 14 years old girls giving advices to other teenagers, how ridiculous it sounds when they write about abortion that it's the only way for 15/16 years old girls who are pregnant if they are afraid of being a mother or simply they can't afford having a baby but somehow they can afford abortion. or giving some awesome advices about love. about split-up or whatever. i'm sorry it's just so funny when 14 years old writes that breaking up with the love of your life is the worst thing that can happen to you or whatever. but c'mon hearing such things from kids is funny. really funny. lol.XD i can't believe other people take them serious. but anyway hearing about others BIG PROBLEMS made me realize how small my problems are lol.XD anyway i should be doing math/yes yes i know but that's what i've been doing for the whole day./  so hold your thumbs for me at saturday and wish me luck.~

stupid  matrices.i've looked so many times at the way you should multiply them but still i have no idea how to do it.>> i'd better know it by tomorrow._. anyway i guess i should make a break but oh well. math math math.<3333

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Jacob Atienza

okay so i'm watching right now the final episode of the bridge. generally i'm taking a break from math...and i've got for you a bunch of fantastic works by Jacob Atienza. Shall we begin?;>
 oh and here's his deviantart, visit it for more works.;> /remember to fullview

and well, i've got a question, what do you think about this post apocalyptic artworks? the ones with robots etc? cause i must say i really like them.;d well not all of them but generally yes.;D

Cryin' won't help you

i really should go back to do drawings and illustrations from imagination, i really miss it.:< unfortunately i have no time for that as for now. but maybe during the summer break i'll have it, so then i'll definitely make the whole game of thrones series.;D
but now i must go back to math.:< have some led zeppelin music.;D
and hold your thumbs for me./as always.xd/

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

fuck. only 3 days and i'm sitting on facebook._..

Monday, May 28, 2012

fuck. i don't understand the admission requirements.>> but anyway. i'm going to bed.

High voltage, making the rhthm and rhyme collide

failed attempt to draw chester from linkin park._. must practice more.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sam Wolfe Connelly

gah.i'm so tired...i'm watching a movie about Afghanistan.O_o but anyway. today i have for you something quite different from the works i've posted yesterday. okay the movie has just ended.O_o it was short.O_O

okay so today i present you Sam Wolfe Connelly, artist based in New York, he's pretty amazing...well he's style is really interesting. you'll see.;> visit his site or online gallery for more of his works.;>

here's our artist.;> a pretty nice young man, i must say.;d

again, click for fullview.
that's the work which captured my attention.;>
 there are lots of works that i'd love to show you but i think that's enough. if you want more visit his site.C:

Saturday, May 26, 2012

and one conclusion i made during going through all those stunning works is that i should practice more than sit on facebook or tumblr. but it's hard to do when i'm so tired that i have no motivation to do anything.>> have to work on it.;d hold your thumbs for me.;)

Aaron Limonick

if you follow my tumblr you probably have noticed some awesome stuff i post there lately.;> for those who haven't visited my tumblr the link is on the bar just below the blog title;>
anyway that's not what i want to tell you today, actually more accurate word would be show you.;) cause i just must share with you some amazing works by an awesome digital artist Aaron  Limonick, (i've never said that i don't like modern artist, did i?;>)
so enjoy this few works and visit his online gallery here.;>
(full view is a must.;d)
hope you like it, because there's more to come.;)
it's a nice way to spend time between doing math.;)

Thursday, May 24, 2012

i eat when i'm upset

no wonder why i look the way i look.xd and well i eat not only when i'm upset.:D
but what can i do when there's a lot of yummy food around?TT.TT 

anyway kung fu panda is one of my favourite not disney animation, and well generally one of my faves animations.;d

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

i'm so fucking tired and i still have so much stuff to do and the bridge is today at 8.TT.TT it seems that again i'm gonna do nothing.

Monday, May 21, 2012

not as tragic as your face.

so true lol.XD i'm sorry. i just love charlie the unicorn it's hilarious.XD few years ago when i was on holidays in Prague together with my brother we were just going around singing put a banana in your ear.;D my mum was just like omg guys could you stop it pleas.xd if you haven't seen it go and do it now.;D

i'm gonna die.

i'm gonna die.i'm gonna die.i'm gonna die.oh my God i'm gonna die.D:

only 10 days left. and i'm running around and panicking._. 

Sunday, May 20, 2012

you've got her in your pocket

doing math after dinner is not a good idea.

in the cold cold night

it's time to stop watching swan lake on youtube and start working.:< eh..but just few weeks and then almost holidays... anyway have a nice Sunday.;>

Saturday, May 19, 2012

John Everett Millais as i promised here's the post about John Millais...actually about Sir John Millais.;d so he  was an English painter and illustrator and one of the founders of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood.(yep wikipedia. lol.xd)
anyway i really like the preraphaelite's paintings especially the ones with medieval influences.;d
enough talking.;D let's have a look at few paintings.;d (click for fullview.;>)

you could have guessed that for sure i will post Ophelia.;d i think this is one of my favourite themes in the preraphaelite's art.;D

The Matyr of the Solway
i don't know why but i really like this painting.doesn't it have sth in it?;> (i'm talking about the one above.;d)
oh and this girl looks almost like sansa from game of thrones tv series, doesn't she?;D

Sweetest eyes that were ever seen…
The Ransom
Message From the Sea
love this one.;d
and well few things i forgot to post the last time.;d
 so here it is.:D Edgar Degas sculptures.:D

i like the idea of giving her the "real" skirt. it looks amazing<3
Little Dancer, Fourteen Year Old

and some sculptures of horses.;> aren't they amazing.*-*

Drinking Horse
Rearing Horse
i think this one is the best one i've came's simply beautiful.<3

sorry.i'm gonna do the countdown now in posts.TT.TT anyway the only optimistic thing is that you don't have to score 100% to get 800 points. that's good.:D gah i'm pretty tired...but it's time to get back to work. i think i may post another bunch of awesome paintings...oh and i forgot to post Degas's sculptures.:< gonna post them later or you can google them.because they are really freaking awesome.:D

Thursday, May 17, 2012

lol, should i feel unique?XD wtf is with the 4th july?xd

How could she look so fine

How could she look so fine
How could it be she might be mine
How could she be so cool
I've been taken for a fool 
So many times

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

funny to find out that you don't understand sth you earlier claimed was easy.XD well yeah it is easy but i think today is not a good day to learn math lol.XD i don't think there's ever one.XD

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

oh shit. only 17 days left. and i'm so tired and i have so many stuff to do that i have no time to prepare to the SAT but well whatever. i just hope that it's meant to be for me to study in the usa and everything will just go easily. sounds rather unreal.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

you were never true

i'd love to see the swan lake. *-* i've seen it once on the tv but it's not the same as live.:|

You took me for everything that I had

hahahahahaha. it's good so listen.;D
so..well i don't know why i didn't tell you that last week but oh well, so today in church the organist was playing Abba's song The winner takes it all but he was singing something completely different as you may guess sth about God. believe me, i couldn't stop laughing. but well who actually could?  next week i plan to start singing the orginal english version. lol XD  i'm only waiting for a remake of Queen's song or maybe another Abba's like mamma mia, or i don't know.;D but it's gonna be fun.XD 

well so i'm gonna leave you with Queen then.;D

Saturday, May 12, 2012

he looked at me

and i was like "HE TALKED TO ME"  lol
well i'm just kidding.;d  when i saw this i was like omg almost how i feel since yesterday lol. sorry for spaming you with very personal shit.xd

you shook me all night long

Edgar Degas.

well i guess you know him but i just must share with you few of his amazing painting.<3
i'm particularly in love with his paintings of dancers. and i guess this paintings are the most recognizable.
(clik on the photos to enlarge;>)


but enough dancers.;d that's not the only thing he was painting.;d

this one you must see ful lview!;d
i really like the ones with tubes and stuff.;d

sorry for such a long post but i couldn't stop myself from showing you so many wonderful works.;d i could post more but you can google them.;D