Monday, April 30, 2012

that's the way it's gonna be

i should be starting making dinner right now, but i just need to share with you these awesome interior designs by HAYBURN & CO.
the designs are beautiful, but well in this old antique style.i've already said what i think about it so... but it's nice to look at it so enjoy.;>

i like this one especially, it's so bright and cosy and it's not so overwhelming splendid and "aristocracy", cause it's rather simple i like that.;d
i think everyone loves big bright bathrooms.;d when i compare it with the one in my house.. for sure in my future house i'll have a spacious bright bathroom with a huge bathtub.;d
you can visit Hayburn's site for more photos if you like what i've picked for you.;> and now i'm going to make some yummy zucchini fritters.;> 

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