Monday, April 30, 2012

a little bit of spring. orange and green.

okay so the zucchini fritters came out really cool and therefore i decided to share them with you.;d and this time i managed to take some photos before my family ate everything.;D

okay so here we go.;>

it was suggested to serve them with goat cheese but because of lack of it i served it with cottage cheese.;d still pretty good.;>

the recipe was from Good Taste Australia magazine. it was only with zucchini but i've added some carrot because i didn't have fresh mint leaves(well i didn't have any mint at all.xd)  so i can give you my modified recipe.;>

  • 3(or more depending on how much people you have to feed;d)  nice washed and grated zucchini and it's good to remove the liquid / (albo wiecej w zaleznosci ile osob sie chce wykarmic.;d) umyte i starte na tarce cukinie, dobrze jest odsaczyc je z soku w miare mozliwosci
  • 1 big grated carrot/duza starta na tarce marchewka
  • 3 eggs/ jajka
  • 1/4 cup of flour/. kubka maki
  • 1/5 cup of olive/ kubka oliwy(doslownie troszeczke.;d)
  • + cottage cheese or goat cheese or yoghurt or whatever you like./ serek wiejski, kozi, jugurt albo cokolwiek z czym chcecie to jesc.
 1. combine all zucchini, carrot, eggs, flour, olive, add pepper and salt
     wymieszaj cukinie, marchewke, jajka, make i oliwe dodajac sol i pieprz.
2.heat some oil in a frying pan and start making your fritters(remember to check if the pan is hot enough) it's better not to make big fritters because it's hard to turn them
  nagrzewamy patelnie z olejem i zaczynamy smarzyc placki, nie nalezy robic ich zbyt duzych, bo wtedy trudniej sie je przewraca.
3. enjoy your fritters with whatever you choose to eat it with.
   gotowe.:D teraz wystarczy tylko polac je czymkolwiek chcemy albo zjesc same bo tez dobre.;>

feel free to ask any questions if something is unclear.;>

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