Monday, March 26, 2012

Oh won't you take me home tonight?

omg.omg! it's tomorrow.! i'm soooo happy and sooo nervous.;d but more happy and excited.xd my speech is half read.i mean it was ready before i was informed that it should be twice as the thing is that nobody normal would make me the head of delegation lol.XD anyway yay! i'm so excited.XD
um. yeah i've not told you yet.xd i'm going to model european parliament baltic sea region.;D and it's gonna be so much fun if i won't kill myself in my shoes on the first day.XD anyway i'm going back to writing my speech.xd cross your fingers and wish me luck.;D

+some extra music for the whole

and sorry for all these 'lol' but i'm so excited.XD

love this song.;d
i konw, i know.xd classic.XD

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