Thursday, March 15, 2012

It's alright if you love me

so i was in warsaw today, gosh.i hate pkp.>> the train stopped in the middle of a field, we were staying there for 30minutes and nobody told us why or whatever, but i guess it was because a man was run over by another train. i've never seen a dead body before/not mentioning the tv/  and it was horrible, a policeman was collecting part of the mens body....and his body was all massacred.>> horrible thing. 
but anywy, the exhibition was pretty nice, and they gave pizza for lunch.;D and i met my friend again.;> and generally i had a good time, except coming back when the train was staying at its second station for 40 minutes.>> i'm so exhousted now...gonna watch lie to me and go to sleep.;d 
photos coming soon.;>

oh and i got a nice pair of wedges.;>

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