Wednesday, February 22, 2012


as far as i've noticed i turned this blog into an art blog.but oh well.i guess it's what i wanted it to be anyway.;d
so yay! another work.;D
okay so i really wanted it not to be in this all cold colors but i couldn't help it, and it all ended in blue.;d i kinda like this color pallete. it's creating this dark mysterious atmosphere.;d well cause there definitely is something a little disturbing about this and the previous painting.[post] but i feel good in this atmosphere.;d

okay, here's the work.;d
you're not allowed to use it. ect, ect.

and a funny photo from today, taken by my friend in my ever fave shop.;D guess which one it is.;D
nad funny cuz we had so much fun.xd

 okay and another kinda funny thing to me.;d i thought that actually nobody is reading my blog but one person i know.;d but to my surprise i checked pageviews.;d the amount was really big to me, but okay i thought they are mine and my friends but no.xd have a look.;d

I really don't bite and i love to read comments and generally discuss so feel free to comment.;D i'd really like to know who the readers from Germany and Russia are.;>
i hope the spring will come soon, it's getting warmer and warmer, i really like it,but i started to think maybe it's just because i finally bought myself a nice warm sweater.;D

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