Thursday, February 23, 2012

tangerine, tangerine, living reflection from a dream

finally my fave weather.<3 chilly sea weather.<3 ;D i think i should live by the sea but well you can't have everything.;d

anyway i'm, as usual, thinking about some weird things. as i believe in God and i belong to catholic church i guess i shouldn't be saying that, because i should believe that the catholic church is the only true one. and here's the problem| i know my problems are nothing interesting but nobody forces you to read|  i don't really like catholic church. i don't like the fact that one things are said and another are done. and i'm alas convinced that most of catholics really doesn't believe(i'm talking about Poland) .i don't know....i just think that people claim they are catholics because of tradiotion or whatever, and as there are more and more atheists among the young people i tend to think i am right.or whatever, another thing which i don't like is the fact that people don't really believe in the Gifts of the Holy Spirit. even at the religion classes or whatever at school they don't teach us the gifts only the 7 gifts from the Old Testament but all they say is learn it.and nothing else.i guess that maybe i was just in wrong school, the priest wasn't really good...but isn't it the problem. the priests? do all of them really believe in what they are teaching/saying/whatever? 
well i don't want to get further in this. i wrote an essey for my religion classes last year about the reason why young people claim themselves atheists. our priest was kinda surpriesed but i don't think it offended him/though i wrote that it's the churches' and priests' fault./ 
anyway i'm thinking about "changing" church or whatever. i don't know what my parents will say...well in fact they started the discussion..i'm thinking about Pentecostalism, because they believe in the Gifts of the Holy Spirit, in Divine healing./as i myself was healed with prayer i see no point in not believing in it.

okay i know that it wasn't really interesting but oh well. still it's sometimes better to talk about something else than politics.;D

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