Monday, February 13, 2012

make it.

so after a failure(well not really cuz the outcome was pretty nice, but i didn't like it anyway/ in sewing i'm moving to cooking or rather baking.;D going to make berry muffins.;d will post the photos later.;d

anyway, i watech recantyl 'the girl with the dragon tattoo'(the american version), it's said to be really good, well yes it is good, but only if you have not read the book. there's no swedish climate.:| and everything is happening so quicly. my faveourit part of book took only few minutes in the movie, and if i hadn't read the book i wouldn't know what lisabeth was duing in zurich.anyway i also didn't like how they change the solution of hariest mystery. but well the movie actually is gripping so it's not so bad after all, but i came to the conclusion that this book is not really a good material for a film, better for a tv series as game of thrones.;d if you haven't seen the hbo series yet here's the trailer.;d

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