Friday, February 3, 2012

it's just the echo of a disenchanted lover.

it accutaly was/is a good day. i feel so motivated and i've really got an "artisctic mood" today, like i have not for ages. so..that mostly what i've been doing the whole day /- being out.;d
i know the photo is lame/ it's still wet.;d i'll try to scan it or maybe take a better photo but here it is more or less.;d i've finally taken out my tempera paints and that's what came out.;d again, painting is so much fun! i'm pretty satisfied with myself and that's an unusal thing.xd
anyway if you'd like to see my workspace here you are.XD i know it's terribly messy.xd
okay so here we have extremly old palette, wonderful purple water in an old nestea bottle.;d my awesome cupcake mug, some nice pictures on the wall and photos of my friends.;d some more paints.both acrilic and tempera.;d some lame works.;d and still not finished work/i don't think i'll ever end it.;d 

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