Monday, February 20, 2012

and i'm a goddamn fool, but then again so are you

today i accidentally found a copule of my old works which i accutaly never liked, some sketches and watercolor. i'm so glad i haven't thrown them away cause now i think they're not so bad.xd well yeah. have a look. but maybe first some good music.;d that's a band i recantly happened to find somewhere on youtube.xd they're great. a swedish duet playing crazy folk music.:D

first the watercolor, i guess it's from last spring. i found some lovely watercolors on dA and felt so inspired to paint a landscape but well as i really suck with watercolors the result was not good enough for me. but now i think that for one of the first tries it's not so bad at all.xd
i know the photo is kinda lame but oh well buy me a good canon camera and i'll give you high quality and good photos.;D anyway i like the colors, i remember back then that i found the whole painting messy and the colors rather dirty but now it's okay. still it doesn't really look like the photo i used as a reference.;d

next some sketches.;d
they aren't so bad.;d especialy the hands.i thought then that they were still too bad but now again they're not;d
and hands study from this january. well the difference isn't that big but still.;d
i know this photo is really lame but oh well.:<
portraits. yay.;> this one was a really nice surprise. it was just a quick drawing which again i didn't like then. it really has sth in it, doesn't it.?;> done during last winter break.

I've got much more works to show you but i don't want to spam you with all of them right now. i guess i should go back to reading 'beloved' so see ya.;>

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