Tuesday, December 20, 2011

I ask why, but in my mind I find I can't rely on myself

gosh.I hate christmas. and all this 'christmas atmosphere'._. it's only a commercial shit. not like I'm fussing or something but this year is really lame...this years winter/early spring I thought it's gonna be the best year as far...but oh well, high expectations -> big disappointment...not really like I had big expectations, guess I was just too naive..that's funny because lately I almost told someone that I was young and stupid then [like 2 years ago.or so.] and now I'm older and even more stupid.;d well yeah. anyway I'm trying to find a perfect present for my friend and I can't.>> it's irritating when you want to buy something really cool and always there is something awesome except this time.>> okay, I must stop complaining all the time./ this blog starts to be my third diary.:|
I wanted to show you some photos from my holidays in 2006 but I can't force myself to go through them.:<
so I guess I'll live you with Linkin Park/my old and still true love.;d/

 one of my favourite songs.<3

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