Sunday, December 4, 2011

few news from personal life./general news and random stuff/

So big news I've decided to study in USA at the University of Southern California..well I mean if I'll get accepted  and the second condition is the schoolarship.without it I won't be able to pay for the studies.:<  but that means I must work really hard if I want to get good results at SAT and TOEFL. and I've got like 7-9 months's not so much when you have school.:|
anyway I'm recently experimenting with different techniques.I'm making quick sketches with watercolors and markers and works on big format 50x70cm or so with miscellaneous topisc.I try to try/sounds funny.xd/ new things. try to find something in what I feel pretty good, also I'm experimenting with colors. I love them but I don't have many ocassions to use them because of practicing only with pencil.
Also recently I'm reading few books both to school and from personal choice.;d the list is getting bigger and bigger and I can't find time to read.well the middle of the night seems the best time to do it but well you must sleep sometimes.;D

I must go back to doing math.:| oh and well it's december already but we haven't got snow yet.pretty wierd but oh well global warming and everything.;d
now some music.enjoy ;>

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